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Honest Portraits | Historic Methods

I look at a lot of older photos. There is something about them; something raw, relaxed, honest. Formal or candid, portraits were simpler. Portraits tended to show people in their real environments, doing the things they enjoyed, or the work they did in an unpretentious, all most innocent way. I want to bring that back. My work is laid back, relaxed and honest. I will spend time to get to know you and make a variety of portraits that show who you are in that particular time and place. I have many photographic tools to do just that! Whether you want to travel back in time for a truly unique portrait experience, or you just need a quick headshot, or anything in between, I've got you covered!


Portrait Packages

The Pioneer $775 - wet plate session only

Experience photography the way it was done in 1851. These photos are created from scratch, by hand, right in front of your eyes. Utilizing the wet plate collodion method and cameras over 115 years old, together we will create portraits that will stand the test of time to become family heirlooms for generations to come. This process is slow. Each photo takes about 20 minutes to make from start to finish, so allow at least 3~4 hours for this session.

wet plate, ambrotypeCam & VersWet plate ambrotype portrait for 'Of Land & Sea'

  • up to 5 8x10 plates, glass or aluminum
  • one 20x24 wall print from plate on canvas or framed fine art water colour paper
  • private web gallery of digital photos for sharing. Additional prints can be ordered right from the gallery


The Modernist $975 - wet plate session plus digital session

Combine historic wet plate portraits with a digital session. After we create your one of a kind wet plate images, we will shoot some digital portraits as well. Make sure to schedule at least 4 to 6 hours for this session.

  • up to 5 8x10 plates plus digital session  
  • one 20x24 wall print from one plate on, canvas or framed fine art water colour paper
  • private web gallery of digital photos for sharing. Additional prints can be ordered right from the gallery
  • prints and merchandise available through your web gallery

The Avant Garde $475 - all black and white film

Working with black and white film and a variety of cameras is a unique experience. From the fast 'reportage' look of 35mm, to the 'high-fashion, commercial and 'fine art' look of medium and large format film cameras, you will get images with a depth and feel that modern digital cameras can't easily match. This is a nice session for dog photography as well. This session is about 2~3 hours.

  • session photographed on black and white film only, utilizing 35mm, medium or large format cameras, or a combination of each.
  • scans and digital gallery for sharing
  • 5 8x10’s or one 16x20 included.
  • prints hand made in traditional darkroom - prices start at $45

The Contemporary - Starting at $125 - all digital session

Your time is valuable, so it's not always feasible to book the time for the more 'historic' formats that I offer. For a quick family shoot, pets on the beach and basic headshot photography I also offer digital photography. Sessions usually take about an hour. 

  • private web gallery of digital photos for sharing. Additional prints can be ordered right from the gallery
  • Low res images can be delivered to you via Dropbox, or on a memory stick.











K9 Sessions - $150 - all digital session (and maybe some b&w film)




Dogs have always been a big part of my life. I have always had an innate understanding of, and connection with, dogs which makes it really easy for me to get the best possible shots. I don't limit, or charge extra for additional dogs, owners are welcome to be in a few photos as well, but it's mainly about the dogs. (Horses too, if you got 'em) These sessions take about an hour and half... or so.

















Commercial Photography




Commercial and corporate photography is also available. If you have a project that you would like to shoot in a format other than digital, feel free to contact me to discuss how we can work together to make your vision a reality. 








All photos shot on location, some restrictions apply, travel fee may be charged for locations outside of greater Victoria.








While dogs and children are welcome to participate in the wet plate sessions, be warned that due to the lengthy exposure times,




any movement will result in a blurred image.