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Walking with ZuluDog

Please Note: ZuluDog is not taking new walking clients at this time.

  Walking is a fundamental and primal activity for a dog.  Walking provides a dog the opportunity to experience the outside world, to bond with other dogs and leads to a balanced and fulfilled canine life.
On a walk, a dog gets to experience the world; to use their nose, eyes and ears; and to bond with other pack members, dog and human alike.  Walking provides a release of energy that helps to fulfill the basic canine need to move.  A good long walk can help reduce a dogs stress level, anxieties and fears.  This is the basis of a balanced and fulfilled K9 life and can reduce or even eliminate certain unwanted behaviours.  
It can take a lot of time to wear off a dog’s energy, especially for younger active dogs.  Because you are busy, you may not have the time to walk your dog as much as you would like to. (or as much as the dog would like you to) ZuluDog K9 Services is here to help.  Wouldn’t it be nice to come home to a relaxed, quiet, well behaved dog?  It’s true... a tired dog IS a happy dog!!

Choose from one of our existing services, or have a walk customized to meet your needs.


Neighbourhood Romp
This is a great opportunity for your dog to get out of the house and to explore the neighbourhood while you are at work or away from home.  Your dog will be walked around the neighbourhood and/or played with in your yard and given lots of positive attention.  These walks are typically leash walks that provide structure and discipline for your dog, in turn, making them better walkers for you.

I’ll also change water, feed if requested and I’ll leave a report card about the days visit.

1/2 hour - $22.50
full hour - $33.75
additional dogs $5.00

Value Packs
5 pack, 1/2 hour = $105.50       Full hour = $160.25
10 pack, 1/2 hour = $202.50      Full hour = $303.75
Additional dog is $5.00 per visit




Adventure Hike
This service is best suited to well socialized dogs as they will be walking in a group setting.  Your dog will be picked up from your home and taken to one of Victoria’s many wonderful parks.  There is a maximum of six dogs per outing, but the average group is four or five dogs. 
For added safety, dogs ride in separate crates during transport, so they should be crate trained.

1.5~2 hour adventure hike - $25.00
additional dogs from same home - $15.00

Value Packs
5 pack = $118.75
10 pack = $225.00
Additional dog
5 pack = $71.25
10 pack = $135.00




Adventure Hike for the Single Dog
For the dog that would rather hike in small groups, or just one on one.  Your dog will be picked up from your home and taken to one of Victoria’s many wonderful parks for an individual adventure hike.  For safe transportation, dogs should be crate trained or have a seat-belt harness.

This is an afternoon service only.

1.5~2 hour adventure hike - $40.00
Value Packs
5 pack = $190.00
10 pack = $360.00

Traveling? In-Your-Home Pet Sitting is Available

Have peace of mind while you are off exploring.  ZuluDog has over seven years of house and pet sitting experience; one bedroom apartments to multi-million dollar estates with animals including chickens, alpacas, fish, cats and dogs.

ZuluDog is available for international house/pet sitting as well, with experience in Thailand and Mexico.

House/pet sitting rates start at $50 per night.  Rates may vary depending on length of stay and duties to be performed.  Contact Ken for a no charge consultation to discuss your pet sitting requirements.

Ken with his Thai house sit dogs, Tong Daeng & Mango